Your Core Reform Pilates instructor will tell you during class what springs to load onto your reformer. Sometimes the instructor will also give options for what feels heavier/lighter, easier/more challenging. Make sure to listen to the instructors spring cues and if you need an adjustment don’t be afraid to ask!

-If you are unable to maintain good form during an exercise than your springs may be too heavy. Pushing yourself a little harder and challenging yourself always is great but not when your form is sacrificed. You should feel fatigued but you shouldn’t be struggling to get through the set. For example, if an exercise requires straightening your arm and the spring tension makes it so you can’t do that, your spring is too heavy.

-If you are feeling the exercises in areas of the body that should not be affected your springs may be too heavy; ie. when your upper traps and neck hurt during kneeling arm work with the straps. Remember that heavier in Pilates isn’t necessarily better.

As always, let us know if we can help you during class.