Sometimes clients in our Pilates class want to know how best to modify an exercise. The answer varies, but there are some general rules that clients should follow when modifying an exercise.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to modify an exercise is to either limit the range of motion or lighten the resistance being used. If the resistance on an exercise is too great to complete the exercise successfully, then it is usually a good idea to drop a spring. In Pilates, it is always better to use less resistance and do the exercise correctly. Limiting the range of motion is also a good modification when a client either can’t successfully do an exercise or when it is uncomfortable for the client to do so.

At Core Reform Pilates, our instructors are trained to be able to offer modifications for all types of client needs. That being said, we always want our clients to feel empowered to make their own adjustments so that they feel like they are in control of their workouts.