Here in Orange County we are so lucky to have many different fitness options. From boot camps to massages, running groups to personal trainers, there are so many different workouts to try. How does Pilates at CoreReform fit in to your routine?
You’ll notice immediately that our group reformer workouts are unique. A Pilates workout is a full body experience, every limb and muscle is contracted and elongated in every class. The Pilates Reformer offers both support and extra challenge to your body, depending on your needs. The machine settings are personalized to give you what you need to execute these time-tested movements in the most efficient way possible.
A reformer Pilates session will challenge your body’s strength, and also your mental focus. With constant changes in movement and choreography, you’ll have no time to zone out or dwell on your grocery list in a Pilates class. The moment you do you’ll find the class has moved on! Expect to concentrate and leave with a clear mind and a smile.
A Core Reform class will not break you down. A session with us should not leave you crawling to your car like a boot camp. Our goal is to send you out into the world floating, with your whole body warm and toned, ready to take on whatever the day brings. Because of the full body nature of our workouts and the focus on core body control, you should feel balanced and stretched after a class, even if during the class your glutes and abs were screaming.
As you become familiar with the reformer exercises, you’ll move quicker between them, and take fewer breaks to set up and adjust your machine. You’ll find that despite the relatively cool room, experienced Pilates students break a sweat in every class. Try to keep moving throughout your class. Avoid breaks when you can, so that your mental focus and body tension stay firm and you get that buzzy, post-Pilates feeling that you can handle anything life throws your way with poise and control.