Many Pilates newbies ask these questions after their first class: Is it ok to come every day? Will I see results coming once a week? What do you suggest, and what do you do?
Most of our regular clients practice Pilates with us 2-3 times per week. Many come every day, and some just occasionally. There are a few personal factors to consider when planning your week of workouts. Our workouts are intense, but because impact is minimal and there are stretches incorporated into every exercise, it is safe for most otherwise healthy bodies to take Pilates every day.
If you are just coming into fitness for the first time or returning after a long hiatus, even one class per week will make a difference in how you feel, how you move, and, with consistency and over 6-10 weeks, how you look.
If you are involved in another sport or activity, if you play tennis, lift weights, or hike often, then adding two Pilates sessions to your weekly schedule will be a great support to your primary activity. You will see changes in your performance as the new moves in Pilates bring stability and strength to your core muscles, and flexibility to your legs and shoulders.
If you are highly motivated to feel results, then taking 3 classes per week, spaced throughout the week, is the schedule many of our clients swear by. A good rule of thumb is, two classes per week to maintain health and fitness, more to make visible changes.
We offer a full slate of classes each morning and afternoon, and at only 50 minutes our workouts are designed to provide maximum benefits and fun that fits easily into your busy days.
See you in the studio!