Core Reform Pilates SocksAt Core Reform, we require grip socks in all of our Pilates classes and private sessions. There are two main reasons.

First, with grip socks, clients grip the reformer better with their feet. This makes it easier to do exercises properly, and, even cooler, makes it possible for the instructors to try out new moves. When the instructors know that client’s feet will grip nicely on the reformer and not slip, it’s easier for them to plan cool, innovative moves.

Second, grip socks keep our studio MUCH cleaner. While this is not fun to talk about, our studio is MUCH cleaner when everyone covers their feet! We live in a flip flop type of place and feet go lots of places. To help maintain the cleanliness of our studio, we require everyone to wear socks while they workout.

Grip socks are available for purchase here at the studio for $10, plus tax. Clients are also welcome to bring their own.