Sometimes life gets in the way of working out. When that happens, it can be challenging to work Pilates classes back into your routine. We have some suggestions to make this process easier.

First, when you’re away from the studio, try to not be away from Pilates. You don’t need a reformer to keep up with your practice. You can easily do some roll ups or bridges at home. Even a simple exercises can help your muscle memory. Next, when you do return to class, start with a Level One or a Fusion. Let your muscles and your mind get back in the hang of the exercises. We always suggest taking a day break after your first class back so your muscles can recover. Finally, once you’re back, set yourself a goal for how often you can realistically commit to attending class. Pick something that is realistic for you and then make it happen.

If your time away was due to a surgery or injury, it can be helpful to a private session before resuming classes. You might need to make some modifications and we can help you with that in private training.