Yes, for now we still require face coverings at the studio during the majority of our classes and private sessions.

There are a handful of classes on the schedule that are marked “Mask Optional”. In those classes, and only in those classes, members have the option to not wear a face covering while they are on their reformers. Face coverings must be worn when entering the studio, exiting the studio, transacting at the desk, or any other time a client isn’t on their machine.
In the rest of our classes, all members must wear a face covering. The covering must cover the nose and mouth.

As things in our county continue to improve, we’ll broaden our mix of Mask Optional classes.

We want to thank all of the clients who have supported us with this requirement. We know it’s a change and we appreciate you. Our instructors REALLY appreciate you following. We encourage all of you who aren’t sure if you can workout in a face covering a try. We can promise you it’s not that big of a deal.

Some of you have asked about the guidance. Well, to be honest, the guidance is a mess. The state guidance says that coverings are required in all indoor areas BUT it also says that businesses can defer to their industry guidance. The fitness guidance is extremely unclear. At the top of the guidance, the language talks about the role of face coverings in preventing the spread. As far as the requirements, it’s clear that employees are required to wear the guidance. For patrons, there is some language that indicates they are not required if physical distance is present. As our studio has physical distance (and great ventilation), we feel like we can offer some flexibility on the requirement as things in our county improve.