Sometimes clients, especially new clients, are not sure if they should take private Pilates training before moving into a group Pilates class. The decision on privates vs classes is a personal one but we can offer our clients some thinking points to help them decide.

  • Are you new to Pilates? If you’re new to Pilates, you may want to try a private or two just so you can learn the proper form of exercises. If you have good form, you’ll get more from the class experience.
  • Is it easy for you to follow along? If yes, group classes will be no problem. If following along is more of a challenge for you, you might benefit from a few privates so you can more easily get the hang of things
  • Do you have an injury or have you recently had surgery? If yes, a few privates can be very beneficial in order to prepare you for the class experience. You may have isolated muscle weaknesses that you should develop before a class or you may need to learn about modifications that you’ll want to be prepared to make.

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