Sometimes clients ask us if we correct form during class. The answer is that we provide feedback on form in a group setting. We use cues to describe to the class what we are doing.
For example, if the instructor is teaching her group class and sees that a student is lifting the hips when they shouldn’t be lifted, she will say something like “and keep your hips low as you go through the movements.” In other words, the instructor watches what the class is doing and she will add on / elaborate on her cueing based on what the class is doing.
In a class setting, individualized corrections to form are limited. Group classes are designed to flow as a workout. The goal is to teach a challenging class that will keep everyone engaged and be the right level of difficulty.
For clients seeking individualized attention on their movements, we’d recommend private training over a group class. Similarly, for clients with an injury, like a back, shoulder or neck injury, we’d recommend starting with private training.