Level 1

Level 1 classes focus on the fundamentals of Pilates. The class is engaging, fun, and challenging, yet appropriate for all fitness levels. Level 1 classes offer clients a carefully choreographed workout with a moderate pace. This class focuses on basic Pilates movements, but with a flare so that every class is unique.

Level 2

Level 2 classes take all of the fundamentals of a Level 1 Pilates class and bump it up a notch. Level 2 is designed for clients who have Pilates experience and want a challenging workout. These classes are faster paced and combine traditional Pilates exercises, like the hundreds or footwork, with bootcamp favorites, like planks or standing lunges. Most clients are ready for a Level 2 after 10 classes.

Level 1- Form Focus

The goal of the class is to focus on deliberate movements with correct form. The challenge comes from holding poses and refining movements. Clients of all levels will benefit from this class. Advanced clients will love the challenge of perfecting their movements. New clients will appreciate additional training on Pilates movement mechanics.

Cardio Core Pilates

Cardio Core classes focus on incorporating cardio into the Pilates workout. This workout is appropriate for Level 1 and Level 2 students. Expect to get your heart rate up as the instructor leads you through a jumpboard based Pilates class designed to work the core, burn fat and develop muscle.