Core Reform Pilates® offers high energy, low-impact group Pilates classes. Each 50-minute Core Reform class offers a full body workout that blends strength training with cardio activity in a dynamic group setting.

Core Reform Tone class image


Our signature Pilates Reformer workout that tones the entire body. A fun & challenging Pilates class that flows at a brisk pace. Exercises are more traditional but every class is different. It is always a good workout.

Core Reform Sculpt class image


Pilates Sculpt takes all the challenge of Tone and adds extra spice by incorporating innovative moves and accessories. Compared to Tone, it is a little quicker and less traditional.

Core Reform Burn class image


Pilates Burn is our strength training version of Pilates. This class will mix traditional Pilates with heavier intervals geared towards developing muscle strength & endurance. 

Core Reform Cardio Core class image

Cardio Core

Cardio Core classes incorporate cardio into the Pilates workout. Expect to get your heart rate up as the instructor leads you through jumpboard intervals designed to work the core, burn fat & develop muscle. 

Core Reform Fundamentals class image

Form Focus

Form Focus is our Tone class with an added emphasis on form. The goal of the class is to focus on deliberate movements with correct form. The challenge comes from holding poses and refining movements.  Advanced clients will love the challenge of perfecting their movements. New clients will appreciate additional training on Pilates movement mechanics.