Our Newport Beach and Laguna studios use the Merrithew CardioTramp during our Pilates Classes. Pilates ClassJumping with the CardioTramp is an awesome way to work the abs and legs. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your jumping experience.

Step one: Set yourself up correctly. Find stability on the carriage before you jump. Find your neutral spine. Relax your shoulders.

Step two: Jump! Attempt to straighten your legs as you jump out (this takes practice). When you land, think toe, ball, heel.

Step three: Focus! As you jump, think about engaging your abs and keeping your hips steady on the carriage. It helps to think about using your legs to jump and your abs to float in the air.

Step four: Have fun! We think the CardioTramp is a great way to keep classes fun & different. We hope you agree!