Core Reform enforces a 12 hour cancellation policy at all times. That said, we have revised our policies slightly to allow for flexibility in case of illness / emergency / situations out of one’s control.
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12 Hour Cancellation Policy: Reservation changes or cancellations require 12 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice (“late cancel”) / no shows will be penalized. Unlimited members, including 14 Day Trial Members, will be charged $15 per occurrence. Package members forfeit the class that was scheduled. This policy is strictly enforced. 
Flexibility for illness (or true emergency)If a member is not feeling well, has to deal with an unwell family member or experiences an emergency, a member may request a late cancellation penalty (up to twice per 6 month period). This is the process: 1) Member must use the online schedule system to late cancel themself from the class. 2) Member must email the studio requesting a penalty waiver for the late cancellation. Both steps must be taken before class begins. If a client does not follow BOTH steps, the late cancellation will remain unless medical documentation for the date of absence is provided. Also, penalty waivers come with a mandatory 5 day membership hold. So, if you request a penalty waiver for any reason, please know we will not allow you back into the studio for at least 5 days. We will freeze your account and cancel your reservations for 5 days.
Our cancellation policy is on the bottom of every booking confirmation email. All clients accept this policy as a condition of taking class at our studio and should expect strict enforcement.   
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Below are some examples to illustrate the point:
– Sarah wakes up at 7am not feeling well. She late cancels herself from her 8:30 class and sends an email requesting a late cancellation waiver. The studio grants Sarah a penalty waiver and puts a 5 day hold on her account. 
– April’s son is not feeling well at 10pm. April late cancels herself from the 9:30 am class and sends an email requesting a late cancellation waiver. The studio grants April a penalty waiver and puts a hold on April’s account. 
– Suzanne wakes up not feeling well and doesn’t show up for her 10:30 class. She later requests a late cancellation waiver. The studio replies that they will grant a penalty waiver once Suzanne sends a medical note explaining her sickness on the day of her no show. 
– Julianne emails at 3pm that she does not feel well and would like to skip her 7pm class. She does not use the online system to cancel herself from class. The studio does not see the email and replies the next day saying it will grant the penalty waiver once she provides a medical note explaining her sickness on the date of her no show.       
– Brad has a cold, late cancels himself from a Tuesday class and requests a penalty waiver; he still wants to come on Wednesday. We explain to Brad that we can help with the penalty waiver as long as he stays out for 5 days.
– Danielle’s work schedule changes and she’d like to switch classes from the 4:30 to the 5:30 pm. She requests a late cancellation waiver. Her request is denied. If she wants to switch classes, she’ll receive the penalty for the class she misses. 
– Ann accidentally booked a class and didn’t realize it. She does not show for her reserved class. The penalty is enforced as Ann would have seen an email confirming her reservation.
 At 10:00 AM Kellie accidentally books herself into the 10:30 class for the same day when she meant to book the 10:30 class for the following day. She then immediately “late cancels” herself and sends the studio an email explaining her mistake. The studio grants the penalty waiver because she used the online scheduler to late cancel herself.