We are regularly asked by new or potential clients if teens can do Pilates. Teens can be tricky (for everything). Some teens will do great in a Group Pilates Class, but others will do better in privates. Here are a few factors to help you determine if your teen is ready for Group Classes.

Height: To use the Reformer without modifications, a client needs to be about 5 feet tall. If a teen is less than 5 feet, he/she will probably need to do privates so they can learn how to adjust their reformer for classes.

Listening: Being attentive in a  class designed for adults can be tricky. Some teens will do better in a one-on-one environment where the language, music, and teaching is geared specifically for them.

Desire to attend: Like anyone else, teen clients need to want to participate in order to be successful.

Participation in group sports: Generally speaking, teens who participate in high school level team sports are strong enough and fit enough for a group Pilates class. Teens who struggle a bit more with fitness might need a private or two before joining a class.

If you are considering bring a teen to the studio, please contact us to learn more.