When we add a new exercise to our workouts, start a new hobby or routine, or try extra hard in class one day, soreness and muscle tightness can hit hard. There are a few things you can keep in your home to treat your tissues in a few minutes. It’s important to address muscle aches and stiffness regularly, so that we don’t injure ourselves over time. Here are a few of our favorite:
The band. A long stretchy band is a cheap, useful thing to have around the house. You can use it to stretch the shoulders, the hips, and the lower back. You can even recreate your favorite reformer exercises at home by looping the band around a door or sofa foot.
Theracane. A strange, S-shaped plastic device, the Theracane is designed to allow you to massage your back on your own, using minimal effort to rub out knots and stiff spots in the neck and scapula region.
Foam Roller. You can use a foam roller at home for just a few minutes a day to increase mobility and reduce soreness. For many people rolling their legs and back on a firm foam roller is more effective than traditional stretches for loosening up sore or tight muscles.
Youtube has lots of examples of how to use these tools, but if you have a specific question or want to get a personalized set of exercises you can perform at home, consider signing up for a private Pilates lesson. Tell the instructor your interested in homework and therapeutic props. You’ll get lots of ideas about how to maintain your Pilates body as you build strength and stamina in class.