Core Reform offers 3 different auto-pay plans for our Westcliff location.

Our auto-pay plans are designed for customers committing to regular attendance at the studio. All of our auto-pay plans offer customers priority waitlist status, which is a great perk.
Here is some guidance to help you choose an auto-pay plan:
If you plan to attend about 1x a week we recommend doing the 10 classes for $179 series. This plan charges a customer every 10th class booked OR every 3 months, whichever happens first. This plan requires at least 1 auto-renewal payment to be made before the plan can be terminated. If a member wishes to cancel before 1 auto-payment is made, a $50 termination fee will apply. Any cancellation (early or not) will require a 10-day written notice to

For the client who would like to come about 2x a week, we recommend the 8 for $129 plan. This plan gives a member 8 classes every month. A member’s plan will renew either at 8th class booking OR every month, whichever happens first. This plan requires a commitment to 3 auto-renewal payments. Again, a 10 day written notice to cancel will be required and if a member wishes to terminate the contract early a $50 fee will apply.

And for the very committed, we offer our unlimited monthly plan for $189/ month. This is good for those who want to come 3 or more times a week. This is what most our regulars opt for when choosing a plan. This contract requires a minimum commitment of 3 months and can be cancelled by providing a written notice 10 days before the monthly renewal. If you would like to terminate the plan before the 3 month contract ends, a $50 fee will apply. Members on this plan have the option to hold their plan once every 6 months for up to 1 month. Like our other plans, this plan requires that a member email us if they wish to cancel.

We encourage our members to look closely at the plan terms before they sign up and ask questions. Once a member signs up for an auto-pay plan, we will require a member to accept the plan terms via digital signature. We want to make sure that clients pick the best plan for their schedule and budget.