Core Reform offers 3 different auto-pay plans for our Pilates classes. We offer an Unlimited plan, a ten for $189 plan and an eight for $139 plan. (*Prices as of spring 2020, prices may change).

Auto-pay plans are designed for customers looking for a bit of convenience & savings when they commit to regular Pilates class attendance.

When a customer signs up for auto-pay, he/she will need to make the purchase online. This will require that the customer accept the terms of the plan. The plan terms will explain the plan’s minimum commitment as well as how to cancel, when/if the time comes. Auto-pay plans all have the words “auto-pay and renew” in the title. These words remind customers that there will be more than one payment associated with the plan.

Once a customer has signed up for an auto-pay plan, one of our managers will follow up with a signature request. If a customer decides not to sign, the studio will end the customer’s plan. Once we have a signature on file, the plan will run automatically until we receive written notice of cancellation. We make our plan terms easy to understand and we are very strict about the terms.

If customers have questions about their auto-pay plans, they should email us and we’ll be glad to assist. We are always glad to answer questions or help a customer decide which plan is right for him/her.