You’ve probably noticed that when you workout in one of our group reformer classes you are in constant motion. From the moment you have the first reformer setup done, you’re moving. From lying down to sitting up, kneeling high and kneeling low, standing, sitting, lying on your sides and stomach. Each of our Pilates group classes are unique, but there is a strong core principle that you’ll notice in every workout you do with us: you will work all of your limbs in all positions. You will move your arms and legs up and down, side to side, and in circles in both directions. You will push hard away from resistance and pulling something heavy towards your center. You will do these actions in six positions: on your back, on your sides, facing down, kneeling, sitting, and standing. This constant variation of body position means that you are toning and strengthening your entire body, never allowing your posture to collapse. As soon as you get comfortable working your arms hard on high knees, it’s time to lie on your side and work the legs. Your abs and lower back must work the entire time to keep you on the machine. Notice next time you’re in class, which positions feel the most natural for you? Which one do you find challenging? Where can you find core body tension in each position? Ask your instructor for help if you notice a particular position is extra difficult. See you in class!