In one of our blog posts, “Shape the Post-Baby Belly,” we discuss the specifics of how bouncing back a body after pregnancy. In this post, we want to talk specifically about diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles that can occur after pregnancy.

First and foremost, clients CAN fix abdominal separation with Pilates. It’s not easy and it takes commitment to your workout, but it CAN be done without surgery.

Next, clients will almost certainly need at least several Private Pilates sessions to really fix the separation. Think of it like this – in a Pilates class, the trainer is taking clients through a workout designed to work the whole body – abs, arms, legs. In a Private, the trainer is working exclusively with one body, and every body is different. A client with abdominal separation benefits from Privates because a trainer will work exclusively with the client to 1) figure out where the separation is (length & width) and 2) come up with a workout plan to bring it back together bit by bit.

Lastly, clients who have the separation sometimes need to reframe how they think about their workouts. It’s sort of like forgetting everything you know and then starting fresh with a new approach. It can also mean re-learning how exercises are done (or not done). It definitely means STOP doing crunches for a while (they make it worse).

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