wise owlAt Core Reform, we believe in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. At a recent Core Reform trainer get together, we were all talking about food and working out, and there were so many similarities! We wanted to share the main ones with you!

We are all active. We do Pilates (obviously) and we all do some other kind of activity. Some of us exercise-walk. Some of us walk or dogs. Some of us swim or dance. We do Pilates and something else, at least a few times a week.

We eat right. We all cook a lot. We all like vegetables and fruits. Some of us eat meat, others do not. Some of us are really into juice. Some of us have gardens that we eat from. Most of us snack on nuts. When we eat out, we do so deliberately at a restaurant we will enjoy (see next point).

We like natural stuff. We limit processed foods. When we want a sweetener, it’s sugar (the white kind!) or honey. We are all leery of ingredients we cannot pronounce.

We indulge, on occasion. We all enjoy good wine with our friends or family. Sometimes we accidentally have too much. We sometimes like cookies or other baked goods that our clients make us.  When we want a sweet or other indulgence, we have it, knowing that we will enjoy it and not do it every day.

We like to smile. We work at a great studio with great clients. We like that our Pilates studio is a place where people come to feel good. When good things happen to our clients and our trainers, we celebrate them!