One of the great things about Pilates is that pretty much every exercise can be modified. Here are a handful of our favorite modifications that clients can do on their own during class.
* Avoid flexion during abdominal work: Flexion is when you lift your head, neck and chest off the carriage, like you were doing a sit up. Avoiding flexion is a great modification during ab work for clients whose necks get uncomfortable or who are working up to perfecting their neutral pelvis with tabletop. Avoiding flexion is always a great way to take down the intensity of the ab work. If you’re holding your legs in tabletop, you’re abs are still going to get a workout, even if you avoid the flexion.
* Skip the leg extension: Skipping leg extension during ab work is another great way to reduce the intensity of ab work. For clients who have sensitive lower backs, skipping the leg extension can be a wise choice.
* Plank on your knees: Planking on your knees is another great way to reduce the intensity of a workout while still getting results. Planking on your knees is a great stepping stone towards holding a full plank position.
* Sit instead of kneel: For clients who worry about balance, who are new or who have knee issues, sit instead of kneel during kneeling arm work. This is a really easy modification to make. Also, sometimes clients with tight hips like to sit on the platform – this can be more comfortable for some.
* Limit the range of motion: Limiting the range of motion is one of the easiest modifications to make and it can be done in most Pilates exercises. If something is too hard or if you’re working up to it, just do the motion with a smaller range of motion and proper form. This will enable you to gradually work up to a higher level.
Remember, easy modifications like the ones listed above are simple to do in class. If you need more medications, please schedule a private Pilates lesson or chat with us at the studio.