Taking Pilates after having a baby is a FANTASTIC idea!

Private Pilates classes are especially good if you are new to Pilates, or have any abdominal separation/diastasic recti. Your body has just gone through a major change, so it’s understandable that your abdominals are weak and need some extra TLC.  Private sessions are also great post-pregnancy because the instructor will be able to cater the session to what is best for you.

Pilates as a whole is great for the body, especially after going through a huge change.  The exercises will help with strengthening, stretching, balancing, and aligning the body.  More specifically, Pilates is great to work on strengthening the abdominals at a slow, but proper pace.  Abdominal work not only focuses on the abs, but tones and strengthens the muscles of the lower back and pelvic floor. It’s really important to take things slow after a pregnancy (or time off from working out). Muscles that haven’t been worked in a while can get overworked OR worked the wrong way. This is typically what happens when someone “hurts themself” at Pilates. Proper form is always important in Pilates, but it’s especially important after having a baby. Come see us at the studio!