If you’re entirely new to Pilates, it’s completely normal to have questions before taking your first class. Here are three tips for being successful at our studio.

First, please read through our website. Our pages are loaded with information about how we do things, from our class formats to our policies. Everything you need to know upfront is published on our site.

Second, arrive early for your first class. If you arrive early, we have more time to chat with you and show you how things work as well as our studio set up. If we get to know you a bit, then we can try to help you during classes.

Third, be patient with yourself. It takes practice to get better at something and Pilates is no different. Our goal for any new client is that they leave the studio feeling like they had a good workout and that experience was positive. It takes a good handful of classes for things to start feeling familiar. It takes about 20 classes to feel like you’re starting to get “good” at Pilates. One wonderful thing about Pilates is that there is always something to learn – even when you get “good”, the workout is never easy and there is always something to work on.