1) Listen to the Instructor

Your first Pilates class may seem overwhelming – intimidating even.  The Reformer looks fairly complicated, there’s so many accessories on the side, and everyone else seems to already know what they’re doing.  Do not worry, the instructor is there to help you.  The instructor will always cue what part of the reformer is in use, what muscles should be activated, and what you are doing in the exercise.  As long as you actively listen to the instructor’s cues, you will have a safe and successful first workout.

2) Don’t compare yourself to others

While you are taking your first class, you may be tempted to look around at the other people in your class.  If you are confused on an exercise, this is a great way to look at the correct form. However, you may notice that their form looks different than yours, and that they look much more comfortable.  Something you should never do in Pilates is compare yourself to the people next to you.  Your first class will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and from there you can focus and work on your form.  Success in a Pilates class isn’t from how you look compared to others, but on your own personal progress and how you improve with each class.

3) Enjoy the class!

Most importantly, you should enjoy your first Pilates class!  Pilates is a low impact, full-body workout, and the reformer is really quite fun to work with.  You will probably feel your muscles working in ways they maybe haven’t worked before, and it will really make you more aware of your body.  As you take more classes, you will feel yourself gaining strength and flexibility, all while enjoying your workout!