We always want our customers to feel great after a Pilates class. For new clients, it can take a handful of classes for things to start clicking. Here are 3 tips to help you feel successful at the studio:

1. Listen to cues.

Your instructor will be calling out cues throughout class. Make sure to keep listening so you know what springs you should be on, what the exercise is, how to properly do the exercise and how/where you should feel the exercise. It’s really easy to zone out and get stuck in your head. Stay present and keep those listening ears turned on!

2. Slow down.

Slowing down your movement will ensure that you are constantly keeping tension against the springs. This is a much safer approach to your workout as well. Going slow gives you the chance to keep proper form to avoid injury. Try to connect your breath with each exercise. This will help slow you down and make sure you’re doing each movement effectively.

3. Push yourself a little harder each time.

The trainers often give you options to make exercises a little bit more challenging by changing the springs to more or less tension or by adding a slight variation to the movement. Give that harder option a shot! You may surprise yourself. Especially if you feel like you are starting to plateau or things are getting too easy. Take the challenge so you can continue to grow and see physical changes in your body.

The great thing about Pilates is that it never gets easier. The stronger you get and the more you build your mind/body connection the more challenging your Pilates will feel.