At Core Reform we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. This means that all reservation changes or cancellations require 12 hours notice. We are very strict about this policy and go to great lengths to communicate it to our customers.

This means that if Carrie booked a 6:30pm class on Thursday she would need to cancel her class by 6:30am that Thursday morning in order to not penalized for not showing up to class. If you are on an unlimited plan and you no show a class, you will be charged $15. If you are using a package of classes you will lose that class. As always if there is an emergency we are happy to help, but the only way for us to be able to help you out is if you late cancel yourself from the class (really important!) AND email us explaining the situation. If you follow these steps we are more likely to help you out than if you just no showed the class and emailed us after. By canceling your class in a timely manner it gives others the option to come into the class. Our classes fill up quickly and often so we want to be able to let everyone take the class that wants to take the class.